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Xizu Temple Opening Ceremony and the Abbot Inauguration

A sacred place for Bodhi Dharma in Western World

Warmly congratulate the Oriental Jinghui Symphony Orchestra on their successful debut in the United States!

Congratulations to the Jinghui Symphony Orchestra led by Zen Master Wule for their successful

Tiantai Zen Music Global Tour - US Station

Tiantai Zen Music will Sing in the City of Angels, Los Angeles

The performance of the Tiantai Zen Music Global Tour "Los Angeles Station," organized by the Z

Faced with 34 charges, Trump pleads not guilty

Former President Trump appeared in court in Manhattan, New York on the 4th of this month and p

World Autism Awareness Day Youth Art Exhibition and "Whisper of Colors" Audience Burst

On April 2nd, the World Autism Awareness Day Youth Art Exhibition, hosted by the Franklin Foun

Spring Feast

On March 20th, on this bright and colorful day of spring, there is a fate; A kind heart; In or

Madagascar TV Station's special report on Xizu Temple

TVM, the television station with the highest ratings in Malaysia, recently made an exclusive

From here to the world

On the evening of January 6, 2023, the opening ceremony of the "American Zen Cultural Center"

From Zen Master Shiwule's merciful revelation

From Zen Master Shiwule's merciful revelation。 Dad said: What are our core values? I'

Learn to be a man

Confucianism stresses life, Taoism stresses life, and Buddhism stresses heart. The biggest p

Now that I have chosen to travel far away, I only care about the wind and rain

Choose a distance and dare to challengeThis article first came from British Prime Minister Winston C

The spirit of scholar bureaucrat in chinese traditional culture

Chinese traditional cultureIn Chinese history, the scholar bureaucrats were the elite of the society

Tracing to the source, creating new ideas, and achieving great goals

Tiantai Temple in Hong'anTiantai Temple in Hong'an, Hubei is a very "different" temple! Its

Why is Wuxian a Qin? Come to Zen from here

High standard purpose Wanfengtou is a school of cool wind and turbid currentTo know no strings, to u

Madagascar Contemporary Jinghui Symphony Orchestra

At 15:00 on December 4, at CCI (Grand Theatre of National Convention Center in Madagascar):Welcome a

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The USA Zen Culture Center is composed of a group of Chinese people living in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other three countries, who have a strong interest in the Chinese traditional culture Tiantai Sect or have been converted to Buddhism for many years, Now following one of the ancestral temples of the Tiantai Sect, Huang'an (now Hong'an County), Hubei Province, the Buddhist monk Shiwule of the Tiantai Temple has innovated a new period of Buddhism, which is a Chinese and foreign believer who lives in Zen, "practicing music, becoming a Buddha with virtue, and making the world happy with ceremony".
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